10 websites that are useful in our daily life.

We use or surf so many websites daily but here is the list of 10 websites that are very useful for everybody in daily life which you must know.

1.Google:The no.1 website nowadays (as per the number of daily visitors) is helping us nearly every aspect of life.Whether we have to know the cricket score or we don’t have to do anything we just google and google shows us the solutions.

2.BugMeNot:We often get irritated by signing ups for different websites even we don’t want to share our email addresses with them.Well! there is a solution for this too.BugMeNot has shared login across thousands of websites which can be used instead of creating new logins.

3.PicMonkey:Do you also think photoshop is really hard to edit pics?For this the solution is picMonkey.PicMonkey which is an online image editor not only allows you to touch up your images but also allows you to apply numbers of fonts,effects and designs.Not only this with this website you can also create your Pinterest pins and facebook covers.

4.join.me:A most important tool for the people working in groups as join.me provides an online platform to share your desktop screens with anybody on the web thus making your work easier.

5.sync.in:Sync.in is a great tool for online collaboration.It allows multiple people to edit the same documents and notes in real time.

6.Privnote:Another great tool privnote which allows you to share notes and information that self-destructs immediately after it is read.

7.ScribbleMaps:If you want to place your personal markers,shapes and scribbles on google map which generally google map not allow,ScribbleMaps do it in a great way.

8.Trello:It is an online tool for organizing anything using Kanban style cards in a highly visual way for task and project management.The best thing is that it is free.

9.GetNotify:Have you ever wanted to know whether your send emails were opened or not by the receiver?Well! for this, you will have to use this website for knowing that.

10.Live Stream:Live stream allows us to broadcast and watch live events on any platform.Whether it is website or apps.


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